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Amplifying the Remediation Power of Nature


Sustainable, Safe, and Economic Remediation Technology

    •Solution can be installed almost anywhere and is very cost efficient to use in porous ground with deep 

contaminants or under       infrastructure such as buildings

    •Roads and railways or even offices and buildings with continuing  operations are feasible for remediation

•Remediation is possible between and under 

submerged structures, etc.


EKOGRID™ technology has successfully performed soil remediation of organic pollutants in various properties around the world, including old industrial sites, gas stations, parking lots, manufacturing sites, and chemical and other factory locations. Large ground remediation can be performed in a matter of months if the soil has a good level of organic activity.


EKOGRID™ increases availability of nutrients and pollutants to soil microbes by movement and mixing of soil pore contents.  In our experiences we have determined that by partnering with the companies we do, we can increase effectiveness and

reduce the duration of time needed to reach criteria. 


Signum Environmental provides a revolutionary breakthrough in environmental remediation.  Signum uses EKOGRID™, a patented technology, in conjunction with bioremediation  enhancing agents that safely and effectively removes pollutants in situ, ex situ, and from water & sediments.

• there's  no need for excavations using heavy machinery

• no digging,  dumping  or transportation costs

• no off-site dumping  of contaminants

• the end products of our system  are simply, carbon dioxide and water

• it's simple  to install, safe to use and easy to operate

• it's highly cost effective

• no limited  access to site so business can operate  during  remediation  process


Whether  you work in oil & gas, construction, land development, farming, mining, agriculture or any other area where contaminated soil or water is present, ask us if EKOGRID™ technology is right for your remediation needs.





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