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•EKOGRID™ increases availability of nutrients and pollutants to soil microbes by

•Movement and mixing of soil pore contents

•Disruption of the weakly formed iron and aluminum (hydr)oxides.

Holding Plant

•EKOGRID™ repetitively polarizes the natural soil particle – surface cation -structure and produces oxidants from soil water on soil particles and reductants at the soil cations


•Perforated tube electrodes can be used to inject bioremediation enhancing agents as the electric field is adjusted to push these with water from the rows used for injection to the other rows during 2-20 hours.

•Next injection will be carried out from the other rows.

•After mixing period is over, the electric field is adjusted back to maximize induced electrolysis on soil surfaces.

The technology utilizes electrokinetic and electrochemical reactions to remove organic pollutants.


The method enables and speeds up several bioremediation reations through several mechanisms.


Hydroxyl radicals (OH*), oxygen radicals (O**), ozone (O3), oxygen (O2) and acidity (H+) are produced on soil mineral surfaces. 


In addition to this, the pulsed electric field and continuous change of polarity between the electrodes generates moving and mixing effect to soil ions and water and increases the bioavailability of nutrients and organic compounds for the organic microbes to biodegrade the organic pollutants. 

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