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Signum Environmental Ltd. is an innovative technology company that provides environmental remediation in a sustainable manner. With the use of EKOGRID™ technology combined with the injection of bioremediation  enhancing agents we are able to effectively treat contaminants in situ or ex situ. Our system can be installed almost anywhere and is very cost effective in comparison to traditional methods.  



EKOGRID™ technology can be installed almost anywhere. It’s very efficient to use in porous ground and is cost competitive in situations with deep contamination or contamination under built infrastructure. EKOGRID™ in situ remediation has none of the negative factors related to mass transfer or the use of chemicals.

The customized electrokinetic field is created using a series of steel electrodes that are set apart and installed in the ground to be treated.



EKOGRID™ technology can be installed almost anywhere. EKOGRID™ is effective for the treatment of soil after it has been excavated. This treatment can be done on-site, ex situ at a treatment center and/or using:

  • Biopiles

  • Biocells

  • Biocontainers

The customized electrokinetic field is created using a series of steel electrodes that are set at intervals and installed in the excavated soil to be treated.


Electrodes are typically spaced five meters apart. The system is extremely flexible. A demo project may include only nine electrodes whereas with larger projects several EKOGRID™ control units can be combined to treat large areas in excess of hundreds of thousands of cubic meters.

Electrodes can also be installed at an angle or horizontally, and even under pavements, roads, or buildings, thus causing minimal disturbance to the site and surrounding operations.

The installation depth is only limited by the installation technologies available. Electrodes will reach the depth of the polluted soil or groundwater.

Because of the low operating voltage and very low current densities applied, the system will not cause any hazard or danger to humans or animals at the site.

The low energy consumption also allows the use of alternative energy sources, such as solar panels or wind turbines, backed up with batteries and diesel generators, for example.


EKOGRID™ technology can be used for treating underwater bottom sediments to remove organic pollutants and simultaneously stabilize and compact soft muddy sediments. This treatment improves water quality and is typically done in situ.

The electric field initiates movement of the soil cations and soil water. Comparably larger negative soil particles mostly remain still, as they have no space in which to move. The smallest and most movable type of soil particles are clay particles. The electric field drains the clay and soil aggregates of water, initiating an electrolytic reaction that forms oxidative compounds. The clay surface will immediately release iron and aluminum cations from the clay particles and will then be bound by the multivalent Fe3+ or Al3+ cations and other remaining surface cations. Thus, compaction that is stronger than natural clay or mud can be achieved.

The customized electrokinetic field is created by using a series of steel electrodes that are set apart from each other and installed on the bottom of the body of water to be treated.

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