Introduction to Fixed Earth

We founded Fixed Earth Innovations in late 2019 with the goal of developing technologies to improve the world around us. We are a small team of people who share the common vision of running the business right and doing the best job possible. While we are a young company, we have been developing some of our technologies for almost a decade and are well versed in the remediation industry

About GreenSTEM Technology Corp.

We are scientists and business people, mostly working in Saskatoon. In late May 2018, we joined together to promote using our microbes to restore and maintain the health of land ravaged by chemical contamination.

Our technical expertise includes fungal microbiology, molecular biology, and health science (Susan Kaminskyj, Mike Cavanaugh), environmental and soil science (Tim Repas), pharmacy and chemistry (Zakia Boubakir).

What does GreenSTEM do?

The site is analyzed to plan an optimal remediation strategy. Chemicals can migrate through subsoil, so mapping older sites is essential. GreenSTEM microbes are native, non GMO, and biosafe. If needed we add one or more bio-compatible treatments from allied remediation companies. These combinations are synergistic.

None of our treatments is toxic. They are compatible with organic and vegan products, as well as with growing plants on sites we have remediated.

As well as using existing strains, we isolate and develop new microbe strains to decontaminate new types of chemical. This is ‘Research for Hire’, which is unique to GreenSTEM.

To test our progress in a remediation project, we use nationally accredited, commercial, third party analytical labs to document our results.

Introduction to OIL-OUT

•OIL-OUT™ is an excellent stain and spill cleaner for many surface types. It is useful for a wide range of organic waste especially hydrocarbons, fat, oils, and grease. Our concentrated blend of bacterial spores and solvent-free, biodegradable liquid is formulated so it quickly breaks down oil or grease while protecting skin, clothing, and the environment.

•OIL-OUT™ shortens clean-up times and increases contaminant bioavailability while initiating biodegradation. In short, it saves you time and effort. For most stains, all you have to do is spray and wipe. Rinsing is never necessary! Microbes in OIL-OUT™ continue to work “eating” the stain for up to 72 hours after initial application.

Introduction to Zen Earth

Zen Earth Corp specializes in replacing the commercial use of toxic chemicals with providing green certified, well proven, state of the art biodegradable products for a wide variety of worldwide industrial applications. Thus significantly reducing and/or eliminating man made contaminants in our earth, water, and atmosphere. Our long list of industries we service includes:

Oil & Gas






And Much More