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  • Electrochemically Enhanced Bioremediation

  • Soil and ground water remediation

  • To remove various organic pollutants by oxidation

  • In situ or ex situ, water & sediment

  • Treatment of drilling or tank bottom sludges

  • Remediation of crude oil, diesel inverts, etc.

  • Treatment of underwater bottom sediments

  • To remove organic pollutants

  • Increase the density of soft, muddy sediments and improve water quality

  • Can be installed almost anywhere and is very cost efficient to use in porous ground with deep contaminants or under infrastructure such as buildings

  • Roads and railways or even buildings with on-going operations are feasible for remediation

  • Remediation between and under submerged structures, etc.

  • Remediation of old industrial sites

  • Gas Stations

  • Parking Lots

  • Manufacturing Sites

  • Chemical and other factory locations


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